Arenal Restaurants

Restaurants in El Arenal/Playa de Palma Mallorca

Arenal Restaurants - Del Sol Restaurant - El Patio Restaurant

Grillrestaurant El Patio

Calle de Acapulco 10, Tel. : 971 265984
contact: Evert van Holten
email :

El Patio is situated in Playa de Palma, between beachhouse 9 & 10, street of the Burgerking, near the trafficlights.

Tex Mex Restaurant

Avenida Nacional 34, tel 971 490205
contact : Wouter Rouwenhorst
email :

Tex Mex Cactus is situated in El Arenal, directly on the boulevard, between beachhouse 1 & 2.

Restaurante Del Sol

Avenida Miramar, tel 971 442186
contact : Christian Arnsteiner
email :

Restaurante Del Sol is situated in El Arenal, directly on the boulevard at the 1st floor, in front of the taxistop.

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